Setting up a blog server

Ok, so here’s how I went about it!  First, I installed a first attempt of the WordPress MU 2.3 on apache on an Windows XP machine.  Execpt, having learned about apache and virtual hosts and installing mysql on a Windows PC I discovered that XP only allows 10 concurrent connections so after a 100 hours of work.  I abandoned the first blog server as being a learning curve and pushed on to blog server mark 2.  This time I went and ventured into the world of linux and installed Ubuntu server 8.04 LTS which was a real learning curve.  I used the following videos to help me through my initial steps and to install a web interface called webmin to control the computer.  I did not want to install the desktop onto the server for security and resource reasons so whilst this made things harder I’ve come out of the experience having learned a whole lot more.

1. How to set up Ubuntu

I have watched many of these videos about setting up Ubuntu but at the time these were the videos which I followed.

Part 1

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Part 2

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2. How to install Webmin

I used this video as a faster way once I understood what I was doing.

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To start with I found these two videos useful. Part 1

Now webmin requires a file on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS which is no longer supported. You can use this link to sort that issue.

Installing Webmin on Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS (Lucid)

Other than that you can follow this video.

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Now part 2

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Now that we have a web interface installed we will look at how to set-up wordpress.

A blog server is born…

At least three years ago, everybody seemed to be learning to blog. There were a multitude of people blogging via blogger, wordpress and other platforms and I felt it was my turn to join in too. After looking around, and  given my reluctance to divulge my personal information to the web, I decided that a self hosted version of WordPress seemed to be the way to go. Since then I have had a blog of sorts which I have broken, lost and not posted to on a regular basis. However, I will persevere and recognising the merits of blogging I started to bandy about with the concept of building a school server which would allow the pupils to have a blog which they could post to internally within our school network. This blog would allow pupils to build up a personal blog, recording achievements and displaying their work from around the school. I also expected that in time we would be able to theme the site and that they could build their own personal theme learning some HTML, CSS and a little about PHP.

After discussing it with some of my Senior Management Team (SMT) colleagues, the idea of using such a blog as a tool for personal learning planning and as a record of achievement, the idea was sealed and a concept was born. Implementation took me on the following journey…


Welcome to My wordpress eduk8ional blog. I plan to post my favourite computing thoughts here and let you know what’s going through my mind.

I have been working on my own eduk8ional blog server for the last two years and I plan to tell you of my journey and share some of my bright ideas for fellow colleagues who may be interested.

Many thanks to all those who posted help and advice on their blogs and who have thereby steered me in the correct direction during my project.

Colin MacLeod