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  • GLOW Future’s Announcement

    <a href=”;feature=player_embedded”>Watch the Education Secretary’s Announcement on the Future of ICT within Education</a>     As set out on Michael Russell’s address there are 5 objectives which need to be considered in taking ICT within Scottish Education forward. I’m going to outline my thoughts here.   …   As a Principal Teacher in charge of […]

  • Video post from iPad

    I’ve been testing inserting a self hosted video using a player plug in.  All has been going well but my current challenge is to insert a video straight from something which I have recorded immediately using my iPad.   Here’s my wee test.   <br /><br /> <a href=’’>iPad Test Movie</a>   Ok! So the […]

  • Video Post

    I’m testing the video posting capacity of a plugin at the moment.  

  • Blog server, the next piece in the jigsaw

    As part of my blog server solution I was not merely content to stop at the provisioningbof blogs to my pupils.  As part of our curriculum for excellence roadmap we have tried to bring video editing into the heart of the curriculum.  But taking and editing videos with pupils is fraught with issues; first you […]

  • Using the blog server with pupils

    Having had a reasonably good day today where a number of pupils were able to start using their blogs the pupils in my S1 class have started to enjoy using their own blogs.  The blog server only works within the intranet which gives us security when posting the work that the only folk to see […]